The Deep End of Data Science

One of the most exciting new fields in Data Science is something called “deep learning.” Deep learning is an area of machine learning research focused on

“teaching machines to think more hierarchically or more contextually”

enabling significant advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP), image recognition, and other machine learning interests according to Derrick Harris of GigaOm.

While improving a machine’s ability to better recognize images may not seem as important as finding cures to deadly diseases researchers at Google are using deep learning to build everything from safe self-driving cars to providing an elegant voice search experience on your mobile device.

But, once deep learning tools and techniques expand beyond the domains of research labs in Silicon Valley industries from healthcare to finance are ripe for disruption from innovators armed with these new capabilities.

MIT Technology Review named deep learning a top ten breakthrough in 2013 and now the data science community is looking for ways to learn more about it.

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Travis Turney (@travturn)
Co-founder Data Science ATL